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Welcome To Philadelphia Air Charter

Philadelphia Air Charter Services is a subsidiary of Mosima Group of Companies founded in 1988.

Great service isn't a thing of the past. Philadelphia Air Charter is proud to offer extraordinary service in all charted flights worldwide. We proudly offer superior service on an extensive fleet of modern aircraft. So climb aboard and enjoy a glass of champagne on a romantic, corporate or scenic flight today! When it comes to business we strive for an environment where entrepreneurial attitudes are encouraged and customer service is a priority that comes second to non.

Philadelphia Air Charter provides private jets service to Dubai, Singapore, India, Beijing, Canada and other destinations.

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Why Fly Charter

  • We always leave on your schedule — no need to arrive early to check your luggage.
  • Use charter and fly direct. Avoid airline schedule hassles.
  • With charter, you can review presentations or conduct meetings en route.
  • Arrive refreshed and prepared to do business when you fly charter.
  • Eliminate the chance of lost luggage, since it always travels with you

Call us on +1-866-877-0717 (24 Hours) to Hire a Private Jet or Get a Quick Quote.


Private aircraft charter experts

A worldwide network of offices means that we can offer customers based anywhere, a quality aircraft charter solution. We provides private jets service to Dubai, Singapore, India, Beijing, Canada and other destinations.


Offering you a personalised service

We can provide aircraft of any category including. Helicopters · Light aircraft · Business & VIP private jets regional commuter aircraft· Commercial Airliners.


Call Philadelphia Charter expert day or night

Contact us now to speak to one of our experienced and friendly air charter professionals. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide you with your perfect aircraft charter anywhere in the world.

Our Fleets


Dornier 328 Jet


Citation Bravo


Cessna Citation XLS


Citation Excel


Challenger 604


Gulfstream IV


Need an instant price estimate ?

If you’re looking to charter a private jet, pur pricing guide is an ideal starting point.

By using our price estimates tool, you can get an approximate cost for an entire aircraft category or individual aircraft types during your requeted date.

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